We breed with eight to a maximum of ten selected broodmares from the Holsteiner mareline 2543, some of them here since generations! A first class sport horse has to have- besides a good jumping quality, rideability and good attitude- health and firmness. This part we keep in mind as soon as we chose our mares and their matching stallion, also an almost perfect raising is essential. All broodmares, youngsters and training horses go on pasture or paddock every day of the year, winter included. Only like this, the breeding of quality sports horses with good health, good attitude and long sportive live is possible. Meet our mares:



Holstein mare, born 2004, Statepremium mare, mareline 2543

               2009 RLE Barina by Cosido (CCI2*/1.40m)

               2010 Premium colt by Castellan II - competitor at Holstein stallion approvals

               2014 Unlimited by Uriko - 2016 Holstein Champion Stallion

               2015 Premium filly (qualified for Foal Championships) by Contendro I

               2017 Premium filly (qualified for Foal Championships) by Unikato

               halfsister to approved stallions Lasino (1.50m), Limonchello I and Limonchello II


Holstein mare, born 2008, Bezirksprämie, mareline 2543


               2012 Cita van de Helle by Chin Champ (1.35m)

               2013 L.B. Compari by Companiero (1.20m)

               2019 Dagobert by Diarado - qualified for Foal Championships

               halfsister to approved stallion Emir van de Helle by Caesar van de Helle (1.50m)

               granddam Borana is fullsister to World Cup winner Loreana by Lord (1.60m)




Holstein mare, geb. 2015, Statepremium mare, mareline 2543

               mare performance test 2018

               halfsister to 2016 Holsteiner Champion Stallion Unlimited by Uriko and

               RLE Barina by Cosido (CCI2*/1.40m)

               dam is halfsister to approved stallions Lasino (1.50m), Limonchello I and II

Donna Dora

Holsteiner mare, born 2011, Bezirksprämie, mareline 2543

                fullsister of her dam, Celeste LS by Cassini I produced Celine by Quintero (1.50m)


Eye Caramba

Holsteiner mare, born 2012, Bezirksprämie, mareline 2543

                halfsister to international sporthorse Calmond by Clarimo (1.50m) 


Holsteiner mare, born 2000, Verbandsprämie, mareline 2543

              2004 Celeste La Silla by Cassini I - produced Celine La Silla by Quintero (1.50m)
              2005 Cocktail by Contender (1.35m) - sold via Elite Auction

              2007 Zara by Cassini - Statepremium mare

              2010 Laquino by Lasino (1.30m) - sold via Elite Auction

              2011 Casper v.d. Rode Poehlhoefe by Casall (1.50m)

              2014 Cattivo by Casall - approved for AES

              halfsister to Toskana by Caretino (1.45m)


Holsteiner mare, born 2003, Bezirksprämie, mareline 2543

               2007 Calmond by Clarimo (1.50m) - sold via Elite Auction

               2008 Clarimo's Son by Clarimo (1.40m)

              2010 Cairon by Casall - attended at Holstein stallion approvals 2012

               2018 Dexter by Dinken - qualified for Holstein Foal Championships

               granddam Hera produced Revange by Caretino (1.50m)


Holsteiner mare, born 1999, Bezirksprämie, mareline 2543

               2003 Turbina by Classido (1.30m)

               2005 Casino by Casado (1.30m)

               2007 Cordalis by Corrado I (1.60m)

               2009 Coeur de Lion GH by Cassini II (1.20m)

               2011 Captain America GH by Clarimo (1.30m)

               2012 Carlotta GH by Clarimo (1.30m)

               2014 Mr. Darcy by Messenger - sold via auction at Hannoveraner Verband

               halfsister to approved stallions Lasino (1.50m), Limonchello I and II


Holsteiner mare, born 1999, Bezirksprämie, mareline 8769


               2003 Luba Sue by Lacapo (CIC2*)

               2004 Comedy by Cero (1.35m)

               granddam Annabel produced Charlie by Calypso I (1.60m), Move On by

               Come On (1.60m) and Secret Love by Come On (1.40m)

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