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STAMM 2543

"Thiedemann Stamm" - you have probably heard that before in a breeder talk or in a Clip My Horse broadcast. Here you can find out what it is all about and why our family name is closely rooted in the Holstein mare line 2543.


How it all started...


In 1963 our family acquired the Holsteiner mare Optik by Fanatiker. During the great flood of the century in February 1962, the mare was used to support the farmers in our area in rescuing cattle from the flooded lands. The background was that machines at that time did not help in the difficult ground conditions. The only logical conclusion was access to the existing horse population. The great physical exertion left clear marks on the horses, so that many animals became unusable as riding and working horses.


The special toughness and willingness to perform of the mare Optik were so convincing that my grandfather Klaus Thiedemann decided to buy her and breed with her. Horses have always been part of the family.  

Overall, Optik gave birth to seven healthy foals on our farm in the years that followed. From the mating with the stallion Roman by Ramzes AA produced Corana (born 1966) and her full sister, the state premium mare Maya (born 1975). With these two mares the foundation for line 2543 was laid. At that time, our mare population was significantly smaller compared to today. While we were actively breeding with three to five mares back then, today our base has doubled the number.

Our mare Corana delivered among others with the stallion Marengo by Marlon xx the mare Hedie (born 1971). She became the founder of the line for subsequent generations, from which numerous successful sport horses and licensed stallions emerged. The stallions Acapulco Gold , Lux Z , Coriando and Acodetto I and his full brother Acodetto II deserve special mention. The latter two stallions were out of our mare Louvre by Contender after the sale to the Oldekop family in Ostholstein.

Hedie continued to produce from the mating with Lord by Ladykiller xx the stallion Lavallo (born 1979). The eye-catching gray stallion was also born on our farm. In 1981 he was the celebrated champion stallion at the Holstein licensing in Neumuenster. A few years later, he won the stallion performance test of his year and received a 10 for his free jumping. He was then successfully used in international advanced level jumping before he served as a breeding stallion in Denmark.


Another remarkable mare was Lavallo's full sister Gila by Lord (born 1992). She is the mother of the gelding Colombus van de Helle by Corrado, who was internationally successful in 1.60 m classes under Gregory Wathelet (BEL) until 2013.


The mare Uckermark (born 1982) by Othello, who is none other than the dam of the international show jumper Loreana (born 1990) by Lord is comes from the Corana . First brought into the sport under Achaz von Buchwaldt, Loreana won the international Grand Prix in Kiel, Dortmund, Mannheim, Münster and Vigo. In addition, there were successes in World Cup competitions in Bordeaux, Verona and Amsterdam with her later rider Lars Nieberg. Another very successful sport horse from line 2543 is the mare Roxett (born 1987) by Reichsgraf out of the mare Hel H (born 1971) by Marengo. Under her rider Jörg Naeve and later in the USA under Hap Hansen, she won various advanced international showjumping events.

The second founder of the mareline 2543 was the state premium mare Maya by Roman. Her only foal, the state premium mare Svettana (born 1980) by Lord, produced the state premium mare Arina (born 1986) by Capitol I. The typey bay is the mother of three stallions licensed in Holstein: Lasino (born 1991) by Landgraf and the full brothers Limoncello I (born 2000) and Limoncello II (born 2001) by Lorentin. 

Lasino was licensed in Neumünster in 1993. This was followed by work in sport, initially with Bo Kristoffersen, later with Jörg Kreutzmann, who was able to achieve international successes up to 1.60m with him in Dortmund, Neumünster and Aarhus. Until a few years ago, Lasino was an active breeding stallion at the Holsteiner Verband in Elmshorn. In 2013 two of his sons were licensed: Lamaze and Larion.

A daughter of Arina , Utopia (born 2000), a state premium mare by Rolf-Göran Bengtsson's successful stallion Casall, is still active on our farm today. In 2016, she produced Uriko, the champion stallion of the Holstein licensing: Unlimited .

Another very successful mare from line 2543 is Goya II (born 1992) by Alcratraz. In 1998 she produced the licensed stallion Boritas with the stallion Baldini I. The typey dark bay convinced at his licensing in Neumünster in 2000 and then moved into a stall with the Holsteiner Verband in Elmshorn. Under the then chief rider of the Holsteiner Verband, Lars Bak Andersen, he qualified for the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf and took part in the 2005 World Championships for young show jumpers in Lanaken. After the couple celebrated international successes in jumping classes up to S*** level, the stallion was sold to the USA. Today, Boritas is an active breeding stallion at Rancho Corazon in New Mexico.

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